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29TH OCTOBER, 2014
It is by no coincidence of history that we have found ourselves on the highland altitude of the land called Plateau State. Destiny has made it so. This God given land of great opportunities, hope and prosperity has ethnic nationalities of exemplary character to the whole world. The ethnic nationalities through faith have given hope to all mankind irrespective of tribe, creed or religion.

The State is a mini-Nigeria where virtually every ethnic nationality is represented on the basis of mutual co-existence, political maturity, ethnic respectability and respect for divergent ideologies.

The harmonious co-existence of all ethnic groups, owed the state the appropriate acronym of “Home of Peace and Tourism”. The State as a result, is also magnanimously endowed with both human and natural resources.

However, what appeared to be the enthronement of genuine democracy came a fresh to the nation’s political horizon on May 1999.

This saw the emergence of the Fourth Republic that has also given birth to smooth transitions of one regime to another.

Plateau State and indeed, especially “Du”, autochthonous Community owe you all a great debt of gratitude and appreciation for electing Dr. Da. Jonah David Jang as Governor. He did not become a Governor through a coup-de-tat. He came to Government House through the mandate and the will of the good people of the State.

The Leadership of Da. Jonah Jang has transformed the State enormously. He executed his duties with a high degree of loyalty, dedication, dynamism, commitment to hard work and productivity. The State is blessed with this gentleman of honour who, like his predecessors is admired by the majority.

1.       Because Da. Jonah David Jang is tested tried and found to be a performer, the Plateau North Senatorial District, may concede the Senate Seat to him. He is not going to be imposed but may be considered by the good people of the Senatorial Zone.
2.       Lest we forget, we want to thank the State for giving “Du” the opportunity to dominate the following positions through the people’s mandate.
          a.       The Governor                  -        Du.
          b.       GNS Pwajok, was Director of Research, Chief of Staff and now Senator                                              -        Du.
c.       Yakubu Jang Special Assistant on Special Duties to Governor Jang                                             -        Du.
d.       Bulus Dareng                   -        Du.
          i.        Campaign Coordinator for President Goodluck Jonathan
          ii.       Consultant on Revenue
iii.      Representative to the National Conference
          iv.      The Controversial Sure-P Chairman – Du.
e.       Nyam Dareng Executive Personal Assistant to the Governor -    Du.
f.       James Pam Liaison Officer Abuja  - Du etc.

3.       It is unfortunate that the State has patronized a handful of people and most unfortunately they are all from “Du”. Du like Soweto is under attack through the face-book and publications of filth, innuendoes, intimidation threats, barefaced assaults, lies and character assassination by politicians of calumny who have sold their conscience like Judas Ischariot. Be it known to all that 99.9% of the people of Du are not aware or associate themselves with politicians who clamour to remain in power at all cost. Is it to steal and kill the state? Are they trying to remain in power to cover some leads of cankerworms during this administration? God forbid. This group, as usual, pontificates, moralize and ride rough-shot on the age-long and timeless integrity, respect and honour of Du people built for centuries. They appear like sheep, but wolves in character. Du people have not forced any one to give their they support as they appeared to be angelic but cantankerous. 

My good people of Plateau State I speak on behalf of Du Elders of conscience and as an elder state man, not only of Plateau State but of Nigeria, I am one of the great, great grandsons of Du Bwutt, the founder and progenitor of Du District.

Greed for power and political ingratitude is not in our blood. Greed for power has emerged from demented brains that have produced mental and political indigestion in the society. Shun them!

Du people by this document disassociate themselves from any Du son or daughter who aspires to contest the post of Governor unless conceded by the people. Or House of Representatives nor for the State House of Assembly. Less than 0.05% of Du sons and daughters have enjoyed governance for the past eight interrupted years. It is now the turn of others, for they are also Plateau State people and Plateau belongs to them – Zawan and Shen must be considered for elective and appointive positions come 2015.

The People of Plateau State must reject in totality any hegemonic local imperialism or political imposition from any “self acclaimed political “god” of the state” unless we are political idiots that can easily be enticed by money or goods during campaigns. Who is a political idiot or political harlot? It is one who sells his or her soul and conscience for money. You have not died during the past eight years of neglect. You can not perish now.  If you are a coward, you may succumb to the whims and caprices of political manipulation of dictatorships and tyranny. If you are a democratic gentleman, use your vote right and vote for men and women of honour, respect and integrity. Must I remind you that power intoxicates and that it intoxicates absolutely?

I must conclude by reminding you that there are men and women or the Lazaruses of Du, whom you ignorantly persecute. They sleep on empty stomachs, can’t afford a quarter of a gallon to run their cars or motor cycles, can’t afford medical care and die and are buried unannounced. Mark Twin once said, “Of all animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of it”.

Micah the Prophet said it too, that “The good man is perished out of the earth (Du) and there is non upright among men: They all lie in wait for Blood; they hunt every man his brother with a net” (Micah 7:2)

Do not be bought or sold. Paul said; “This know also that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy. Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those who are good, traitors, heady, high-minded, lover of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness but denying the power there of: from such turn away”. 2Tim 3:1 – 5. I say turn away from any Du man who wants to be Governor Member House of Representatives, House of Assembly or one clamouring to be Deputy Governor as an ambassador of incredulity.  

For the planet earth to survive, we must be prepared to be like Moses and Elijah. E.G White said in The Greatest Want of The World. “The Greatest want of the world is the want of men, men who will not be bought or sold, men who in their inmost souls are true and honest, men who do not fear to call sin by its name, men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the poles men who will stand for the truth though the heavens fall”. 


On Behalf of Du Elders of Conscience    

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


C/O No. 1 Liberty Boulevard, Bauchi Bye-Pass,
P.O. Box 6949, Jos, Plateau State.

Our Ref: MCSPS/PR/VOL.1/03                                                    Date:  23rd October 2014

             PRESS   RELEASE


The stakeholders of the MOVEMENT FOR THE CREATION OF SOUTH PLATEAU STATE (MCSPS) out of the present Plateau State held a meeting on Thursday, 23rd October, 2014 in Jos and reviewed its mission and objectives as well as the political journey and developments so far, for the common good of the citizens, and noted and resolved as follows:

A.              NOTED:

1.            That to date, the documentations and the statistical requirements and analysis provided by the movement justifying the creation of the proposed state in line with section 8 a, (ii), (ii) and (iii) of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria continues to remain one of the best demands among similar requests by other groups in various parts of the country.

2.            That our presentation to the National Assembly Committee on State Creation in North Central Zone at Makurdi, Benue State on 12th November 2012 received the best accolade not only from the State Creation Committee but all other groups that made similar requests in various parts of the Zone as ours stood out as the best demand.

3.            With deep appreciation, the continuous understanding and support of vast majority of our brothers and sisters and other stake holders in the Northern Senatorial Zone in this noble objective, which they too believe would bring growth, development and prosperity to the old and new States.

4.            That the caucus of the MCSPS kept the demand alive at the National Conference in Abuja for the most part of the 2014 through constant liaison with our worthy ambassadors in the persons of General J.T. Useni, CFR, mni, (The Sardauna Plateau and Nasarawa States), Distinguished Senator Alhaji Ibrahim N. Mantu (former Deputy Senate President), Rt. Hon. Professor D. G. Shown (Former Speaker, Plateau State House of Assembly) and Brigadier General J. Temlong, along with the good friends of the movement from the South-South, South-East, South-West and North-Central geo-political zones.

5.            The briefing by the Chairman of the Movement, General Useni, that due to the untiring efforts of the aforementioned Ambassadors, the proposed South Plateau State requests was among those that were approved and listed by the Sub- Committee on Political Restructuring and Forms of Governance and which was published by several national newspapers to the delight of our people.

6.            The shocking news that due to the very uncharitable pressure and interference by a leading political figure in Plateau State in collaboration with a few unpatriotic confab delegates from Plateau State and the bad influence of the self-acclaimed leaders of the Middle Belt at the Confab to remove the name of South Plateau State from the compiled approved list of requests for the creation of additional states in the country.

7.            That in spite of these challenges, the leadership of the MCSPS is not daunted or discouraged. Efforts and pressures are still being mounted on all concerned until we achieve our dreams in this regard.

8.            With gratification that the proposed amendments of the Constitution being currently championed at the National Assembly have listed the creation of states among items to be amended. We also noted with delight that the first process would involve amending the Constitution to make the exercise less cumbersome and feasible; followed by a general referendum that would test the true desire and will of the people. In this regard our case will therefore be re-ignited at the National Assembly.

9.            The MCSPS reiterate its philosophy of agitation for a new State as being anchored on growth, development and prosperity for the new emerging and old States, rather than the misconception that some perceived detractors, both in our zone and at the state levels, have and are determined to kill the dream. We believe that in the nearest future, the verdict of History and posterity will eventually vindicate the just and patriotic struggle.

10.       Views with concern and with amused incredulity the uncouth and insolent public announcement on the media by the State EXCO of the ruling PDP, disclaiming and warning prominent elder Statesmen and Politicians to desist forthwith from using the Party’s name and logo in parading themselves as members and aspirants to various elective positions until after the primaries. We sincerely believe that a Political Party in a democratic dispensation is not a personal property of any individual. By virtue of the Nigeria Constitution, every Citizen has the irrefutable and fundamental right to belong to any political party or Association of his/her choice. For the Common good, we advise that politics must, generally, be practiced with morality rather than impunity and ludicrous vanity and seeming lost of touch with realities of party governance and administration.

B.                 RESOLVED

1.                  That the movement supports in totality the zoning of the position of GOVERNOR to the Southern Senatorial Zone, which has been the political practice since 1999, whether written or not. While we appreciate that it is not written, we noted that even in the recently concluded National Conference, the ideal of zoning (Presidential, Gubernatorial positions, etc) was unanimously endorsed and brought into sharp focus in line with practice of politics with morality. The movement rejects any attempt to shift the goal post mid-way under the disguise of starting the zoning from the Northern Senatorial Zone where the present regime would stop. The meeting therefore resolved that every citizen in the proposed South Plateau State should choose a Governor of their choice from the Southern Senatorial Zone in 2015. This will ensure equity, justice and fair play and promote peaceful co-existence in Plateau State.

2.                  The Movement once again appreciates the deep understanding and support of vast majority of patriotic citizen in the Northern Senatorial Zone that the Governorship slot goes to the Southern Senatorial Zone.

3.                  The movement noted in particular the patriotic zeal and disposition of Hon. Bitrus Kaze (Member House of Representative Jos South/Jos East Federal Constituency). Hon. Kaze has publicly declared that for equity and justice the governorship slot in 2015 should be zoned to the Southern Senatorial Zone. We also noted with pleasure that there are more groups and individuals in the Northern Zone who share Hon. Kaze’s views and have promised to demonstrate this practically in 2015 by supporting governorship aspirant from the Southern Senatorial Zone.

4.                  The movement calls on all Political Party EXCOs, including the ruling People Democratic Party (PDP) in the State to declare the same position of the Governorship slot going to the Southern Zone to douse the unnecessary political tension that is currently irritating citizens in Plateau State. The meeting also resolved that any political party that does not zone the governorship slot to the Southern Senatorial Zone in 2015 should expect a colossal defeat in the governorship election as had happened in the past by the collective resolve of the people.

5.                  The Movement applauded the briefings received from the Equity and Justice Group as well as the Plateau Equity Forum, which subsequently agreed to harmonize under the broad banner of Movement for the Creation of South Plateau State. The Movement therefore called on all similar groups and fora to come forward and join the bandwagon for better effectiveness and sustainable mobilization.

6.                  The Movement reiterated its absolute confidence in the leadership of General J.T. Useni. It also commended the zeal and dexterity of the teeming Members of the MCSPS that in spite of the fact that individuals belong to different political parties, they have remained united, without acrimony and are determined to uphold the ideals for the common good in terms of good governance, justice and peace.

7.                  Above all, the Movement resolved to cooperate with all tiers of Government (State, Local and Federal) and to assiduously promote democratic ideals, devoid of dictatorial tendencies and imposition of candidates. In this respect, it also resolved to actively indulge in advocacy of mutual coexistence and trust as well as free and fair elections, being essential ingredients for justice, peace and sustainable development.

Long Live Movement for the Creation of South Plateau State.
Long Live Plateau State.
Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
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Sir Professor John W. Wade, Ph.D. (Stirling, U.K.), KSM, mni
Secretary of the Movement, Harmonization
And Technical Committees.

Thursday, 23rd October, 2014.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


STF confirms arrest of 80 Niger Republic nationals in Plateau, By Moses Gbande  October 7, 2014
The spokesman of the STF, Captain Iwehe Ikedichi, confirmed that those arrested are nationals of Niger Republic, stressing that they are currently facing strict investigation by security personnel to find out the purpose of their mission to Jos.

The Special Task Force has placed citizens of Plateau State on the red alert following reports of strange movements within the city of Jos, the state capital.
Reports said already over 80 strange faces suspected to have been contracted to perpetrate evil in Plateau State have been arrested in Rikkos area of Jos North Local Government Area of the state.
The spokesman of the STF, Captain Iwehe Ikedichi, confirmed that those arrested are nationals of Niger Republic, stressing that they are currently facing strict investigation by security personnel to find out the purpose of their mission to Jos.
Captain Ikedichi said some citizens of Nigeria, who were among those arrested, have been investigated and discharged.
He confirmed that in the wake of the arrest, there were attacks in some villages of Riyom Local Government Areas of of Plateau State, resulting in the death many, including some military personnel.
It will be recalled that five villages were ransacked last week by suspected Fulani herdsmen in midnight raids in Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau State, leaving scores dead.
The suspected assailants, fingered to be Fulani herdsmen, stormed the villages in the early hours ofFriday night, killing and burning several houses of people of Berom extraction.
Meanwhile, the Police Public Relations Officer of the Plateau State Police Command, Abu Emmanuel, and Ikedichi, expressed worry over the renewed crises in the state.
They called on citizens to always be on the alert and report any suspicious movement to security agencies for actions.
Emmanuel said operatives of the command have also been placed on 24 hours stand-by to swiftly respond to any distress call.
He said they are ready to deal ruthlessly with any group or individuals whose stock in trade is to foment trouble.


By James Pam

The 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is ambivalent in its provisions and pronouncements regarding the practice of religion in the country. It is surprising that sections of the populace who have been maligned by these constitutional ambiguities have lived with them for so long. The result of the inaction of these adversely affected citizens is the religious wars that Nigeria continues to experience with escalating ferocity.
The Nigerian military Government that gave us the 1999 Constitution currently in use via Military Decree No. 24 on 5th May, 1999 wrote on its page 19 that, “We the people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria … having firmly and solemnly resolved … do hereby make, enact and give to ourselves  the following Constitution.” Nothing could be further from the truth because the people of Nigeria were not consulted via the conventional process of a national referendum.    
For a definition and understanding of what secularism means, we shall rely on the definition and opinions expressed in a seminal paper by Dr. Godwin N. Okeke and published in the International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention, Volume 2, Issue 3 of March 2013 (pages 65 – 69) titled, The Ambivalence of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution in Matters Relating to Secularism: a Case for a Constitutional Review. He defined secularism as a system of social organization or that does not allow religion to influence the government. It is the belief that religion should not influence the government. He explains further that a secular state is therefore a state or country that purports to be officially neutral in matters of religion, supporting neither religion nor irreligion. A secular state also claims to treat all its citizens equally regardless of religion, and claims to avoid preferential treatment for a citizen of a particular religion/non-religion over other religions/non-religion. Although secular states do not have a state religion or equivalent, the absence of a state religion does not guarantee that a state is secular. He opines that secularism is commonly regarded as an ideology that holds that religious issues should not be the basis of politics, or, in the extreme, that religion has no place in public life. Secularism, therefore, seeks to preserve the religious neutrality of government and cultures.
Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution provided for religion and secularity at the same time in four sections. These are: (1) Section 10, which attempts to establish the secularity of the Nigerian state by providing that, “The Government of the Federation or of a State shall not adopt any religion as State religion.” (2) Section 38, which re-enforces the rights of Nigerians to freedom of thought, conscience and religion in its 4 sub-sections. (3) Sections 275 and 280, which make a volt-face and contradict the two earlier quoted Sections. Section 275 provides for the creation of States Sharia Courts of Appeal while Section 280 provides for the creation of States Customary Courts of Appeal.  
First, the provisions found in Sections 10 and 38 are completely negated and rendered void by the provisions found in Sections of 275 and 280. Second, the adherents of other religions apart from Islam have been relegated to an inferior status and discriminated against by the provisions in Section 275 because their religions have not been given equal recognition by the same Constitution. Third, while these provisions recognize the important place of religion in our national life, they pretend that we can operate some modicum of secularism and not pluralism.       
The matter of secularism or non-secularism of the current Nigeria Constitution came to a head at the just-concluded National Conference 2014 when two delegates representing the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Bishop of Kafanchan Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church, Joseph Bagobiri, representing the Northern Central Zone, and Pastor Bosun Emmanuel, representing the South West Zone, brought up what they described as the unfair treatment of Christians and Christianity in the country. They submitted at a plenary session that the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was skewed in favor of Islam and Muslims and called on delegates to correct this anomaly.
Pastor Bosun Emmanuel submitted that the 1999 Constitution mentions ‘Shariah’ 73 times, ‘Grand Khadi’ 54 times, ‘Islam’ 28 times and ‘Muslims’ 10 times but does not mention the words ‘Christ’, ‘Christian’, ‘Christianity’ or ‘church’ even once. He concluded his submission very politely by saying, “Some mischievous elements are taking these lapses in the Constitution to come to the ungodly decision that probably the State is an Islamic State.” The submissions of the two Christian delegates angered their Muslim counterparts who tried to shout them down.
Pastor Bosun Emmanuel has elucidated his message further in other fora where he opines that the major flaw in our 1999 Constitution is its “dual ideology” because it is ambivalent in its religious provisions. He explains that while the compendium tries to guarantee freedom of choice of religion to all Nigerians in one breath, it promotes one religion in another.  Also, while the same Constitution debars the Federal and State Governments from adopting a state religion, it violates this itself by recognizing one religion above all others.  
In our national life today, 12 out of the 36 States of Nigeria have blatantly violated the clear provisions of Section 10 of the 1999 Constitution which states that, “The Government of the Federation or of a State shall not adopt any religion as State religion”. These 12 States have each adopted one religion as State religion via State law. Zamfara State led in this impunity in in 2005 and 11 other States have since towed the same path.   
It is no wonder that the constitutionally favored citizens of Nigeria abhor the idea of replacing the 1999 Constitution. It is also no wonder that the makers of that Constitution made the process of constitutional amendment very cumbersome. National Conference delegates who protested against one of the final Conference document titled, 2014 Draft Constitution, must be among the constitutionally favored few in the country. Surprisingly, the mere change of name of this same document appeased them.
The 2014 National Conference recommended 395 amendments to the 1999 Constitution. What would become of this Constitution after all these amendments might have been implemented? A new constitution would have been introduced by whatever name we care to call it. The opponents of a new constitution for the country seem to be overly jittery at such prospects for reasons best known to them. The delegates who held a press conference to declare their support for this final Conference document titled, 2014 Draft Constitution, and the Conference leadership who drafted it had no qualms whatsoever with the document or its title.
It must be obvious to readers at this point that the Nigerian 1999 Constitution is fundamentally flawed in the treatment of Nigerian citizens and must be thoroughly reviewed because it cannot be sustained much longer. If such a review would, of necessity, mean amending substantial portions of it (up to 80%) then the country is due for a new constitution by popular demand. The Nigerian 1999 Constitution is anything but secular.
Nigeria’s religious is ‘political religion’ in the main. That is, the huge obsession by religion by Nigerians is basically for political reasons. Nigerians foist religion to the fore in governance, politics, economics, social debate and in virtually every other facet of national life just so that adherents of their own religions gets whatever there is to gain – seats/participation in government, land, money, higher offices, first position, etc, and not for spiritual growth, economic development or justice. Political religion is all about one religion cheating other religions.
The teachings and tenets of the country’s various religions do not seem to mean a thing to their adherents. Religion has not improved the morals of most politicians nor even the clergy. The various clergy and their politician compatriots enjoy a cozy relationship. The 2002 Pew Global Attitudes Project scored Nigeria 92% (second only to Indonesia) in importance of religion to the people. In the same year Transparency International scored us one of the most corrupt nations on earth. Probably the most emotive and potentially explosive issue in Nigeria today is our constitutional religious imbalance. Let those concerned address the problem quickly.          
Rev. James Pam,, 05th October, 2014  

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Boko Haram has killed 13000 Nigerians – Jonathan

Nigeria’s President, Goodluck Jonathan on Wednesday told the United Nations that 13,000 Nigerians have so far been killed by Boko Haram insurgents in the country’s North-east zone.
The President, who described the trend as “unacceptable,” also challenged the international community to “act now,” to stop the global menace of terrorism.
He insisted that Boko Haram insurgents are being funded from outside the country and called for international support to countries on the frontline of terrorism war.
Mr. Jonathan said these at a high level meeting of the United Nations Security Council in New York, United States of America, on Wednesday.
While describing the activities of terrorists as unacceptable, he said Nigerians have experienced the destructive effects of the menace during the past five years.
“Nigeria knows too well the destructive effects of terrorist activities. Over the past five years, we have been, and are still confronting threats posed by Boko Haram to peace and stability predominantly in the North Eastern part of our country,” Mr. Jonathan said.
“The costs are high: over 13,000 people have been killed, whole communities razed, and hundreds of persons kidnapped, the most prominent being the mindless kidnap of our innocent daughters from Chibok Secondary School, in North East Nigeria.”
While appreciating the UN’s leadership for convening the meeting to address global terrorism concerns, he said the resolution adopted by member states was a critical step in mobilizing international action against terrorism.
Despite the daunting challenge posed by Boko Haram, he said his government has doggedly mobilised resources at its disposal to ensure that the scourge is rooted out of Nigeria.
In addition to our counterterrorism efforts, he noted that the administration has evolved initiatives to alleviate the plight of the population in the affected communities.
He listed some of such efforts to include the Presidential Initiative for the North East, Victims Support Fund as well as the Safe Schools Initiative, which is supported by former British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.
Continuing, Mr. Jonathan said, “We must now capitalize on the commitment and evident determination of the Security Council to seek more innovative responses to the threat of terrorism and in particular to the growing menace of foreign fighters,” Mr. Jonathan said.
“The council should be concerned about the existence of sources of arming and funding terrorists. Evidence has shown that Boko Haram, for instance, is resourced largely from outside our country.
“We must also commit to ensuring that countries which are in the frontline of this challenge, receive adequate support from the international community.
“The Resolution that we have adopted here today is a critical first step in mobilising international action,” said the Nigeria’s President.
Mr. Jonathan said Nigerians and the world are horrified at the gruesome murder of two American journalists and a British aid worker by elements linked to Islamic State, ISIS.
He noted that the murders typified the new face of global terrorism marked by executions, extreme brutality and impunity.
He listed Al Qaeda in the Arab Maghreb, Al Shabaab in Somalia, and Boko Haram in North Eastern Nigeria as some of the groups that share the agenda of unleashing terror, mayhem, destruction and instability around the world.
The Nigerian President noted that bands of foreign fighters have added a troubling dimension to the emerging phase of global terrorism.
From targeted attacks by Al Qaeda a few years ago, Mr. Jonathan said the world now witness thousands of mobile terrorists sweeping across vast areas, destroying lives, and even attempting to hold territory.
He, however, thanked the American President, Barrack Obama, and the US Government for the security governance initiative which was conceived at the US-Africa Summit in August.
“I believe, if expeditiously implemented, the initiative will enhance security on the continent,” Mr. Jonathan said.
“Only by united action and firm resolve can we check this raging threat to humanity, and also build the enduring structures that will resist their re-emergence.”



I am compelled, as a Christian and as the president of the Christian Welfare Initiative (CWI), and also as the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), South West Zone, to draw the attention of the entire citizenry of this country, as well as other nations in the world, to the growing threat to the lives and properties of Christians in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
We affirm that Nigeria is a secular society in which all the citizens have free right to live, work, and express their faith according to their individual convictions. If the secularity of Nigeria has in any way been reviewed or modified, we are not aware. The Constitution of Nigeria guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of movement, and the right to worship God according to individual conviction.
We are however disturbed, and very alarmed, at the rate and consistency with which Christians are being slaughtered in northern Nigeria, in a manner similar to the genocide in Rwanda. The brutality, cruelty and inhuman manner in which Nigerian Christians are being systematically and consistently slaughtered by individuals claiming to be adherents of the Islamic faith has reached an alarming proportion that we are compelled to speak out. THIS IS INHUMAN!
In the northern parts of the country, these individuals and groups of individuals have been operating for years with reckless impunity and without regard to law and order, or respect to the right of other Nigerians to live and express their faith in God according to their choice.
To mention but a few of such instances:
$1.        On 10th March, 2010, Islamic terrorists slaughtered 501 Christians in the village of Dogo Nahawa, Jos.
$2.       On 7th July, 2012, Fulani Islamic terrorists slaughtered 67 Christians around 7.00 a.m. in Wase, Riyom Local Government, Plateau State.
$3.       On 14th May, 2013, Rev. Faye Pama, the Secretary of Christian Association of Nigeria in Borno State, was shot and killed by members of the Boko Haram inside his house in Maiduguri.
$4.      On 6th July, 2013, Boko Haram militants attacked Government Secondary School, Mamudo, Yobe state and killed over 42 students as they slept in the dormitory.
$5.       Again on Sunday 29th September, 2013, Boko Haram insurgents attacked College of Agriculture in Gujba, Yobe state and killed over 40 students as they slept in the dormitory.
$6.      In Nasarawa state, over 90 Christians were killed by Fulani herdsmen in 2013 in various attacks in Doma and Lafia Local Governments.
$7.       On 10th November, 2013, over 36 Christians were killed in the Agatu Local Government Area of Benue state while over 6,000 Christians were displaced.
As Boko Haram causes mayhem all over the North killing Christians and destroying Christian properties, the Fulani herdsmen are on rampage all over the nation killing people at will, with a high concentration of their atrocities in the Middle Belt. The Fulani herdsmen are fast becoming notorious as harbinger of destruction wherever they lead their cattle to, in the Middle Belt, South West and in the South East. It is quite amazing that these Fulani herdsmen are yet to be convicted of mass murder.
It equally disheartening that even moderate Muslims that do not seem to support these agents of death and destruction are also targeted and killed by members of the Boko Haram terrorist group. It is very unfortunate that innocent students are also massacred by these terrorists. While attacks have been reported against moderate Muslims that do not support these insurgents, it is clear to the whole world that the main target of these terrorist attacks by both Boko Haram and the Fulani herdsmen are the Christians in Nigeria.
While some mischievous elements in the media have attempted portraying these killings as ethnic or socio-economic related clashes, clashes, the patterns of the attacks confirm that it is a religious war, patterned after the Islamic Jihad. According to the World Watch List, “The majority of the incidents of conflicts that have been reported in the international media as ‘clashes’ between Muslims and Christians in actual fact have been one-sided violence against Christians.”
As a result of these crises, thousands of Christian men, women and children have been murdered, thousands of children have become orphans, thousands of women are widowed, thousands of children are fatherless, while innumerable Christian men and women have been maimed and mutilated. It is unbelievable that in this age and period, human beings could descend to such level of inhuman barbarity and cruelty while claiming divine mandate.
Nigerian citizens have been hacked to death with machete, their throats have been slit with knives like rams, their heads have been severed from their necks with the saw carpenters use on wood, the barrel of AK 47 has been placed on their nose before being fired, the stomach of pregnant women were ripped open with knives, they have been burnt alive, and all manners of unprintable atrocities have been committed by some Nigerian citizens against other Nigerian citizens all in the name of expanding a religion.
In the states of Borno, Yobe, Adamawa, Plateau, Benue, Bauchi, Kogi, Niger, Nassarawa, Taraba, Kano, Kaduna, Gombe, and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, individuals and groups of individuals, claiming Islamic injunction, have been routinely killing, bombing, maiming and mutilating Christians. Properties of Christians are being destroyed and their places of worship as well as business locations are routinely burnt and destroyed. The situation reached a crescendo that the Federal Government was compelled to impose a State of Emergency in the states of Borno, Yobe, and Adamawa on 14th May, 2013. Despite the State of Emergency, the Islamic terrorists did not relent in their attacks.
According to 2013 World Watch List report, 66% of Christians killed globally, were Nigerian Christians killed in Nigeria.
As distressing as the present scenario in the nation is, what is more distressing is the valid information that the bloodshed we are witnessing today is the culmination of a carefully planned agenda to turn Nigeria into an Islamic state and Africa as an Islamic continent. Members of the Boko Haram clearly announce that their objective is to Islamize Nigeria.
We are aware that a meeting was held many years ago to strategize on Islamizing Africa in general and Nigeria in particular. We are also aware that eradication of Christian groups resistant to Islamic conversion was advocated in a conference held in Abuja in 1989 by the Islam in Africa Organization. That Islamic agenda is unfolding before our eyes today.
We wish to use this medium to alert Christians in Nigeria, particularly in the South West, that there is an Islamic Agenda that has been launched against Nigeria, and the trend of events seems to point in the direction of the South West as the next battle ground. There seems to be a gradual plot to make Islam the dominant religion in the South West. We cannot understand why the political party that is currently ruling in the South West fielded mostly Muslims as its governorship candidates. 80% of the governors of this political party in the South West are Muslims. It is a gross imbalance that must be redressed without delay.
To add to our apprehension, the governor of Osun State, Governor Aregbesola, has commenced taking decisions and introducing policies that are clearly anti-Christian. Osun state under Governor Aregbesola is not hiding its intolerance and disdain for the Christian faith. Recently, as a direct result of his policies, a Christian secondary school in Osun state was invaded by Muslims and the Principal of the Baptist school was nearly beaten into a state of coma. It is by a stroke of divine intervention that the Principal did not die. To date, we are yet to witness the prosecution of the Muslims who perpetrated that dastardly act.
Christians in Nigeria should be warned not to underestimate the unfolding Islamic Agenda in the country. Historically, nations like Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, and so on, were Christian nations before they were overran by Islam. Not only were they overrun by Islam, their culture and governance was taken over by Arabs. If a nation like Turkey could be Islamized, Christians in Nigeria should not assume that the Islamization Agenda is an idle threat.
It is pertinent to advise Christians in the South West, who have concluded that the South West is immune to such attacks, that they should study carefully what is unfolding in Osun State. Developments in Osun state clearly confirm that there is cause for concern.
We wish to state clearly that those of us who are Christians in Nigeria, SHALL NOT RENOUNCE CHRISTIANITY, AND NEITHER SHALL WE CONVERT TO ISLAM. We are Christians by choice, and we choose to remain Christians.
We are persuaded that no human being needs to be forced or coerced to accept a gift. A gift that comes with a sword as an alternative is a questionable gift. It is a suspicious gift. Every gift speaks for itself and forceful persuasion becomes unnecessary. Any faith that is a gift and a blessing does not require forceful coercion to make people accept it.
Nigeria belongs to every Nigerian and we advocate peaceful coexistence of all the various groups in the nation. Whoever wishes to be a Muslim should remain a Muslim and whoever wishes to remain a Christian should remain a Christian. Each man should live according to the convictions of his heart without intimidation or oppression from any other group.
In the midst of the present crisis, it is disturbing to observe the creeping emergence of politics of religion in Nigeria. It is becoming worrisome that religion is gradually becoming the defining factor in politics in the country.
We are also disturbed by the consistent intensity with which Muslim politicians seek to destabilize the government of President Goodluck Jonathan. We clearly remember that before his election, certain Muslim politicians threatened to make Nigeria ungovernable for him should he exercise his constitutional right of seeking election as the President of Nigeria. Events that have unfolded after his election, starting with the Post-Election Violence in 2011, prove that it was not an idle threat. We appeal to our fellow Muslim citizens that are determined to cause problem in the nation, that Nigeria belongs to both Christians and Muslims. Every Nigerian has the constitutional right to seek elective office and no one should be harassed or intimidated for doing so.
In addition, we are observing the emergence of political gatherings with conflicting signals about its religious intent. As Christians, we welcome an all-inclusive political party that will protect the interests of all the citizens of this country, irrespective of tribe, religion, or social status. The unfortunate religious persecution in the northern parts of Nigeria is an eye-opener and calls for caution in establishing political associations. The current imbalance in the religious structure in the North of Nigeria that is gradually being replicated in the South West demands serious attention by all leaders of the church in Nigeria.
Undoubtedly, the unbalanced control of the political machinery by a religion in the northern parts of Nigeria is at the bedrock of the current religious intolerance that is plaguing the region. To have such structure replicated at any other zone in the country should be of grave concern to every Nigerian.
Therefore, at the Christian Welfare Initiative (CWI) and the Christians Association of Nigeria, (CAN), South West, we recommend as follows:
$1·         Christians all over Nigeria and in the South West in particular, should embark on prayer and fasting from 14th January – 14th February, 2014 for the church in Nigeria and for the nation. Prayers should be mobilized that every conspiracy that has been conceived against Christians in Nigeria shall fail. We are aware that some denominations are already running prayer and fasting program. We simply request that prayers for the church and for the issues raised in this press conference should be included in their prayers.
$2·         Christians all over Nigeria should pray fervently that the religious carnage in the North of Nigeria shall be eliminated rather than it being replicated in other parts of the nation.
$3·         We call on Nigeria's President, the Inspector General of Police and the Governors of the states where mass murders are being committed to come up with effective and proactive policing strategies to ensure that  no Nigerian Citizen or village becomes a soft target for the harbingers of terror. The use of technology, (Drones and CCTV) for surveillance and rapid response purposes by Security agents should be employed.
$4·         We wish to inform our Muslim relatives in the South West that any Islamic violence in Yoruba land portends grave danger, not only to the Christians, but also to the Muslims. Sometime in 2013, when the terrorists from the North attempted to blow up the 3rd Mainland Bridge in Lagos, they did not make plans to evacuate Muslims from the impending disaster. If they had succeeded, they would have killed both Christians and Muslims. As we see in the North, Boko Haram is killing both Christians and Muslims. Therefore, Muslims in the South West should join the clarion call that the secularity of the South West must be maintained. No Yoruba man or woman will profit from any Islamization Agenda in the South West. For our sake and for the sake of our descendants, we must maintain the delicate balance of our society so that Yorubaland does not become the next Syria, Iraq, or Somalia. It is a common saying with our people that “we shall not adopt insanity with religion”. What is going on in the North of Nigeria must be prevented from taking place in the South West.
$5·         Christians in the South West must raise their voices and demand that the next governor of Lagos State in 2015 must be a genuine Christian. After 16 years of Muslim governors, it is only fair, that the next governor should be a Christian. This is in keeping with the secular nature of the nation and maintains the delicate balance in our society.
$6·         We are equally concerned about the gradual Islamization of the civil service structure in states where the Governor is a Muslim. There is a visible lopsided appointment of Directors, Permanent Secretaries, and heads of Parastatals in favor of Muslims. This is the scenario in the 12 Sharia states in northern Nigeria and it is disturbing that it is being replicated in the South West. It must be reversed immediately, in the best interest of our people.
$7·         Competent Christians who are called by God into politics and governance are urged to come forth and vie for political offices in the land. The reluctance of Christians to get involved in politics and governance is no longer in the best interest of the church.
$8·         We wish to call on the Federal Government to ensure the payment of compensation to Christian victims of the various Islamic persecutions in the northern parts of the country. A credible channel to disburse the compensation should be established by the government to ensure that genuine victims of these attacks are adequately compensated.
$9·         Leaders of the various Christian denominations/ministries are encouraged to meet and deliberate on the various issues that are affecting both the church and the nation. We shall soon be inviting Leaders of the various Christian denominations/ministries to a meeting to deliberate on the various issues that are affecting both the church and the nation, we appeal this invitation should be taken seriously. We are at a crucial stage in the history of this nation and Godly leadership is required to enable the nation overcome the present challenges.
$10·         We are also urging Christians all over the nation to ensure that they register and ensure that they exercise their constitutional right of voting at the next elections for candidates that will primarily, ensure the secularity of the Nigerian state as well as promote righteousness in governance. This nation was conceived as a secular state that will provide equal opportunities for all the citizens irrespective of the tribe or religious affiliation.
Finally, we wish to assure every citizen of Nigeria that Christians are committed to peaceful coexistence and we urge every citizen of Nigeria to adopt the same attitude. We affirm the secularity of the Nigerian state and it must remain so.
Archbishop Magnus Atilade
President, Christian Welfare Initiative (CWI)
Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), South-West Zone